This machine can be used for the safe disposal of factory waste water, dairy wash down and separated slurry.  The approximate application rate is 40m³ per hour.  UK slurry restrictions do not apply to the use of this machine.

The main advantages are:

  • User friendly, no cables to move, can be left unattended for long periods
  • Unique proven system, large droplets reduce air pollution
  • Reduces run off by applying dirty water/effluent over a large area, ultra-low irrigation is achieved
  • Soil friendly, virtually no worm kill, a necessity for healthy soils
  • 1.25mm over 10 hours is much better than 6mm over 20 minutes
  • Save money, reduction in fertiliser bills by making use of your own N.P.K.
  • Many machines currently handling up to 40m³ per hour
  • Large wetted area up to 1.2 hectares from one static point, gives more time for aerobic breakdown

Optional extras as per price list.

 Download Brochure Here:- View & Download ST190 Pulser Spec Sheet