A height adjustable, sprung drawbar is standard on all 16, 22 and 25 Ton models.

The flatbed floor is fitted out with 50mm softwood timber along its entire length with the beaver tail steel chequer plated for extra durability. Grip bars are welded to the beaver tail to provide extra grip for tracked machines.

Standard ramps are 700mm (2’4” wide) enabling even narrow machines to load onto a standard trailer. Ramps are spring assisted to ease raising and lowering.

All main models use two or three 8-stud 90mm axles rated to 40kph and fitted with 215/75×17.5 twin tyres. These are mounted on 80mm springs on the 16 and 22 Ton models and 100mm springs on the 25 Ton. The underslung suspension set-up gives good ground clearance whilst maintaining a low bed height. Hydraulic brakes are standard using 25mm brake rams and sprung release.

A lockable toolbox is fitted to the kerbside of the trailer for storage of chains etc and crash bars are fitted along both sides. Rope hooks and chime bars are fitted closely along both sides of the trailer providing plenty of securing points for different types of loads. 


  • Outriggers
  • Hydraulic ramps
  • Durbar or timber sheeted ramps
  • 28mm hardwood floor
  • 3’2” or 3’6” wide ramps
  • Longer flatbed
  • High speed 8-stud 100mm axles rated to 105kph
  • Air brake or dual air/hydraulic brakes
  • ABS brakes and/or load sensing for brakes
  • Air suspension
  • 235x75x17.5 or 445x45x19.5 tyres
  • ‘Loadall’ hydraulic levelling tail
  • Removable bale rack on headboard
  • Commercial style ‘cut’ chassis

 Download brochure here:- Low Loaders Rev 04 – Nov 2023

Download trailer maintenance manual:- Trailer Maintenance Manual Rev1.00