The 4800 is designed for large scale contractors who would have a 160 HP tractor available for the task of mixing slurry with a flow capacity of up to 4800 gallons per minute (21,600 litres per minute).

The main features are:

  • Higher capacity gearbox – 1000 RPM
  • Two point linkage c/w quick attach lifting bar
  • Mixing spout revolves through a wide arc allowing slurry to be mixed in any direction including underneath tractor – The jetting nozzle can be locked in a range of up to 26 positions
  • Depth can be adjusted in tank hydraulically using the centre ram
  • Hydraulic control of centre pivoting action allows easier placement into tank
  • Due to our unique arrangement of splitter box at pump outlet we have no loss of performance when using the pump to top fill
  • Standard sizes which are available:  6’6” (1.98m); 7’6”(2.29m); 8’(2.44m); 9’(2.74m); – other sizes available on request
  • All pumps are galvanised as standard – painted finish is available upon request
  • Raising and lowering into tank is controlled hydraulically from tractor seat
  • Machine can be parked in either sitting down or stand up position
  • Static models without lift arms and height adjusting ram are also available in sizes up to 12’ (3.66m) for mounting into tank

»  Download brochure here: Slurry Mixer Rev 3.0