NC were the first company in Ireland to offer trailing shoe systems on tankers from 1992.

All NC Slurry Applicators are fitted with an Alrena precision macerator as standard which features a newly developed cutting system with rotating round knives. The pivot point of the rotating cutting discs is off-centre relative to the holes of the perforated plate. Due to the different pivot points and the resistance of the solids to be cut in the slurry, the knives rotates constantly. Thanks to this forced rotation, each cut is carried out with a new piece of knife. The rotation also provides the advantage that the knifes self-sharpen and no wear grooves are generated. Spiral springs between the left and right knifes tension both knifes equally. Features of the Alrena precision macerator: –

Features of the NC Trailing Shoe: –
• 7.5 m working width
• Outlets individually spring mounted
• Machine mounted on a forklift style mast for close mounting to tank thus keeping weight transfer & tail swing to a minimum
• Mast floats when lowered to enhance movement over varying terrain
• Hydraulic cylinders for folding are fitted with over centre valves for smooth and safe operation
• Arms fold past vertical to minimise damage from tress during transport
• Outer arm hydraulically folded for reduced transport height
• Compact transport width
• LED stop/tail indicators
• Large diameter pivot pins to minimise wear
• High tensile steel used to ensure a lightweight design which minimises ground compaction
• Stone/debris trap below macerator
• Parking stands to ensure machine stable and safe when not in use

» Download brochure here: Slurry Tankers Rev 5.0

NC 7.5m Trailing Shoe